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Construction Lubricants Your Business Can Build On

Dust, diesel and deadlines take a heavy toll on your construction business.
And every new job puts your equipment to the test.

GS Caltex specialists understand the pressure that fuel costs and equipment breakdowns put on your bottom line.
With our powerful combination of high-quality lubricants and industry-leading services,
we help you reduce operating costs and make your fleet more reliable – so you get more
from every machine while minimizing downtime.

Construction Lubricants that Benefit Your Bottom Line

GS Caltex high-performance lubricants are designed to keep equipment up and running even on the toughest job sites. Calibrated from 50 years of research and quality tested in 63 countries, GS Caltex lubricants offer superior protection for engines whether you’re dealing with intense heat, bitter cold, or thick dust. That means fewer oil changes and less breakdowns on every job. Download the brochure below for a deeper look at how we can improve reliability for all your machines.

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    Case Studies in Building Business Higher

    Curious how we can help? Explore the case study below to see how our partners are maximizing productivity and cutting costs in their construction business.

    Explore case studies
    Get Your Best Equipment Moving Better:
    Start with Our Operations Infographic

    Take a look at how GS Caltex lubricants protect your equipment.

    operations infographic operations infographic
    Explore Lubricants by Application

    You’ll fight through gravel to get your construction projects off the ground. We’ll fight with you to keep them up and running.
    GS Caltex’s full range of construction lubricants provide the blueprint to keep your machines protected from wear and working smoothly for years.
    Whether it’s for dozers, loaders, or haulers, find out how the right lubricants can prevent project delays, create safer work sites, and maximize profits.

    Mine Our Experts

    Based on decades of industry expertise and a proven record of success,
    we provide cost effective and sustainable solutions to your toughest mining challenges.