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Case Studies

How We’re Helping Partners Save
The Situation The Situation The Situation
The Situation

One of our clients is a pioneer in the field of over burden removal, coal, lignite extraction, and transportation. Their strong activity in mine development and operation means achieving high equipment uptime is a key factor in their success. Through trial and error, they found that the right lubricants played a significant role in their operations and were eager to find the right lubricants to reduce costs while improving uptime for their machines.

The Solution The Solution The Solution
The Solution

Two years ago, our partner started using GS Caltex lubricants in various mining equipment. GS Caltex’s technical team partnered with them to carefully monitor oil conditions, train them in technical tasks, and visited them regularly to share product knowledge and add value by building up their client team.

The Impact

Our client was able to maintain minimum lubricant inventory on site by having products available at all times and saw higher performance across the board, including:

  • 1000 Hrs+
    High ODI (Oil Drain Interval), reaching more than 1000 hours for dump trucks after using Kixx HDX CK-4 oils
  • INR 40,00,000 +
    Achieved overall savings of INR 40,00,666 ($50,000 USD) compared to using other recommended lubes
The Testimonials: What our clients had to say
“We’ve been using GS Caltex Kixx lubricants for more than two years. In that time, we’ve seen equipment performance improve and been very satisfied with GS Caltex’s service commitment.”
Products used
  • Kixx HDX Euro API CJ-4 SAE 15W-40
  • Kixx D1 Platinum Plus API CI-4 PLUS SAE 15W-40
  • Kixx Hydro AW 68/46
  • Kixx Geartec API GL-4 SAE 80W-90
“We’re going on two years using GS Caltex Lubricants in our Tata Hitachi excavator. That whole time we’ve been carefully monitoring the benefits of improved lubrication practices with the help of the GS Caltex team. These practices have contributed to saving to our business approximately Rs. 144406 ($1,780 USD) per annum.”
Products used
  • Kixx Grease Moly EP 2